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Outdoor Curricular Support: Field Experience Curriculum (Theme-Based)

Created by the Outdoor and Ecological Learning Department in Partnership with Wild BC and the Powell Lake Outdoor Learning Center
Important Note for SD47 Teachers: Accompanying Grab-and-Go Bins are housed at the Powell Lake Outdoor Learning Center.

WildBCKindergarten: Rainforest Hide and Seek
What's In the Bin: Rainforest Hide and Seek

Grade 1: Bird Beak Buffet & Birds of the Temperate Rainforest
What's In the Bin: Bird Beak Buffet

Grade 2: Grow as You Go
What's In the Bin: Grow as You Go
Rainy Day Back-Up Bin - Growing Up Wild
What's In the Bin: Rainy Day Back-Up Bin - Growing Up Wild

Grade 3: Show Me the Energy
What's In the Bin: Show Me the Energy
Grade 4: Water Matters
What's In the Bin: Water Matters
Grade 4 Worksheet - Water Cycle Walk About
What's in the Bin: Rainy Day Back-Up Bin - Water Matters
Grade 5: Forests in FocusPowell Lake Outdoor Learning Centre
What's In the Bin: Forests in Focus
Grade 5 Worksheet - Digging Deeper
Grade 5 Appendices
Grade 6: Diversity of Life
What's In the Bin: Diversity of Life

*All Field Experience Curriculum Documents are aligned with both BC's Education Plan and the existing IRPs.


BC's Education Plan

K-9 Revised Big Ideas for Science

Revised Science DRAFT K-9