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Dreamcatcher Camp

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July 6-14, 2015

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Dreamcatcher Camp: July 20-25, 2015
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BC Students enrolled in high school (ages 14+) can apply for LEAP!

LEAP is a Powell River School District sponsored program.  While it is based in British Columbia, students of all nationalities can apply.  Over the years, LEAP participants have hailed from as far away as Japan and Holland.

“The intrinsic worth of the LEAP program is self evident; it is
ecologically oriented, experiential, sustainable and progressive,
making education fun and relevant when it is so often the opposite
for many students. But what is so often missed is that programs
such as this one  show public education in general how it
must continue to dynamically respond to changing social conditions. 
As such, this program serves the broader needs of public education.”
- Christopher Beeman, PhD, Queens University