Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47


The Powell Lake Outdoor Learning Centre is located in Powell River's secluded backcountry. Surrounded by parkland and crown forest, the Centre is nestled on a small headland between two bays on the shores of Powell Lake. Once a salt-water fjord, the large freshwater lake is more than one mile deep in places and is situated in the heart of the Coast Mountain Range. Built with accessibility in mind, the site is bright and sunny and its range of activity options provides participants and groups with a range of ways to challenge themselves outdoors. The facility boasts immediate access to the 180 km Sunshine Coast Trail as well as the Powell Forest Canoe Route, a circuit route of lakes and portages. A short hike from the Centre will bring you to BC's first and only fully accessible wilderness park area, featuring a 13km long barrier-free lakeside trail with cabins and other amenities.


 For more information please contact Hugh Prichard at (604) 414 3966.