Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47


The Eco-Edventure program is the finale of the school year for all grade 7 students in the Powell River School District and for students in the Coast Mountain Academy (CMA). Every June, students graduating from the Coast Mountain Academy design and implement an overnight outdoor program for all grade 7 students in the Powell River School District.  This program celebrates the culmination of elementary school and CMA through outdoor learning, challenge, and fun!   The Eco-Edventure program is designed to provide mentorship opportunities for secondary school students while providing positive role models for younger students. All programming during the Eco-Edventure experience is curriculum linked with a service-learning focus delivered around the themes of outdoor experience and environmental education.

School can be this Fun!
2013 Coast Mountain Academy leading the grade seven Eco-Edventure camp at School District #47 Outdoor Learning Centre