Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47

Why CMA?


There are countless reasons to enroll in CMA!

1. Develop and enhance your leadership capacity
2. Engage and serve the local and global community
3. Acquire the necessary hard skills and certifications to find employment
4. Develop the necessary skills to be a balanced and healthy person
5. Learn outside in a classroom without walls
6. Develop a bio-geographic and geo-climatic knowledge of the region 
7. Shake hands with potential employers
8. Develop your sense of self-determination
9. Enhance your environmental awareness, ethic, and sustainability skills
10. Act as a role model and mentor to younger students
11. Paddle, climb, hike, bike, build fires, act, share, play music, break and fix
    things, learn, teach, smile, laugh, cry and Live the Adventure!

Click here for the Summary Proposal: International Service Learning in Cuba for Coast Mountain Academy Students (at Brooks Secondary School-SD47)

“The program has been truly a life changing experience. It has pointed me in the direction which I would like to take in life.”
 – Trevor, CMA 2008

School can be this Fun!
2013 Coast Mountain Academy leading the grade seven Eco-Edventure camp at School District #47 Outdoor Learning Centre