Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47
Sustainability Toolbox

Sustainability Toolbox

Sustainability Education Framework

Sustainability education highlights the relationships between nature, culture, society, and the economy. The framework below is intended to address the philosophical and practical issues that are connected with these relationships.  In order to make these complex relationships more comprehensible, instruction at the Sustainability Toolbox is divided into the following theme-based units themes:


1. The Big Picture

  • The effects of human activity past, present, and projected
  • Deconstructing our relationships with ourselves and the world we live in.

2. Environmental Empathy

  • Reconnecting with the natural world
  • Exploring the interconnections between humans and nature
  • Profiling people who live sustainably

3. Ethics and Sustainability

  • Social justice and resource distribution
  • Measuring societal well-being
  • Questioning consumption
  • Methods of decision-making (e.g., the precautionary principle
    as well as the principle of scientific certainty)
  • Preservation versus conservation

4. Systems Theory

  • Natural laws governing the functioning of the biosphere
  • Interdependence and holism

5. Innovation and Technology

  • Green technological advances
  • Non-renewable resources to renewable resources
  • Value-added waste management
  • Ecologically sustainable design
  • Exploring inventions and activities that mirror natural systems (i.e. biomimicry)

6. Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour

  • Discovering your eco-footprint 
  • Real-life solutions to real-world environmental problems
  • Inspiring hope in your school community
  • Making a noticeable difference
  • Remediation of current environmental problems
  • Social, legal and governmental frameworks for mandating change
  • Crystallizing the connection between population, consumption, culture, social equity and the environment
  • Assessing the impact that our environment has on our health
  • Exploring the spiritual nature of nature