Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47
Sustainability Toolbox

Sustainability Toolbox


Question 1

Who gets chosen to be a Sustainability Toolbox representative?

Answer 1

Students in grade 10 who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the area of sustainability, both in their community and their school, are eligible to be selected by their school district to participate in the Sustainability Toolbox.


Question 2

Who are the sustainability leaders we will be meeting?

Answer 2

Each year, the Sustainability Toolbox features different leaders in the area of sustainability.  Below is a list of previously featured leaders in sustainability. 


Question 3

What gear will I need?

Answer 3

Great question!  Please see our Gear List for all the details.

Question 4

What would a snapshot of the program look like?

Answer 4

The Sustainability Toolbox is a residential program wherein students learn and live in the outdoor classroom for the duration of the program.  The first few days of the program focus on hands-on curriculum delivery and group development, including a 3 day overnight wilderness trip (either backpacking or canoeing).  Following the wilderness trip, students will be fully immersed in a vigorous schedule of outdoor programming, service learning, meeting and interviewing sustainability leaders, and planning their own sustainability projects for implementation upon their return home.