Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47
Sustainability Toolbox

Sustainability Toolbox

The Concept

The Sustainability Toolbox brings environmentally conscious students from across Northern Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast together in Powell River to explore the concept of environmental stewardship while developing strategies to assist their schools and communities in becoming more sustainable.  This credit course in Sustainability Studies 11/12 focuses on training young people to be sustainability leaders in their own schools and communities.  Please note that the Sustainability Toolbox is an 8 day residential program that includes a multi-day backpacking or canoe trip.

Throughout the Sustainability Toolbox, students will have the opportunity to learn about sustainable living by interviewing and interacting with sustainability leaders on the Northern Sunshine Coast.   Upon completion, participants return to their home communities having created a sustainability “tool-box”.   Each participating School District can select two grade 10 student ambassadors to represent their geographical area during this unique field-based leadership opportunity.    


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“The program has given me the
confidence and leadership abilities
to move from being aware
of environmental issues
to actively preventing them.”
– Lucas, Toolbox 2008