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Sustainability Toolbox
Sustainability Toolbox


Our world is undergoing a dramatic change: a climatic shift that is affecting all aspects of our lives including the institutions within which we operate. Under these circumstances, British Columbia’s Schools are challenged to address issues of Sustainability, namely reducing their carbon footprints, within the next few years. Indeed this is a formidable task.

As a pillar of our society, the education system has a unique opportunity to demonstrate true leadership to its students. We can lead with integrity, creativity and, most importantly, by example.

It is a prime time for British Columbian schools to provide the finest model of appropriate human-nature relationships. This year the course is being run in partnership with Metro Vancouver.

This is what the Sustainability Toolbox is all about!

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“The ST was the booster I needed to guide my life around sustainability.”
- Charlotte, Toolbox 2009