Sustainability and Ecological Education Department SD47

Outdoor & Ecological Learning Department

Mission: We believe education has the opportunity to profoundly change the world. Our creative, dynamic, thoughtful and dedicated team employs progressive research and positive learning environments to engage people in the process of discovery.

Key Words: Ecology, Citizenship, Placed-Based, Global Education, Sustainability, Action-Leadership, Project-Based, Interdisciplinary, Inquiry, Spirituality, Outdoor Education, Nature-Based, Pluralistic, Permaculture, Evidence-Based Practices, Hard & Soft Skills, Adventure, Service Learning.

Who we are: We are a consortium of progressive educators from a diversity of academic backgrounds. We have much in common but perhaps most importantly, we share the common belief that education plays an integral role in developing a learner’s sense of self and belonging in the context of community and place. We hold close the idea that learning should inspire, motivate and galvanize learners to take care of themselves, each other, and the planet.

What we do: The Outdoor & Ecological Learning Department is dedicated to providing students with outstanding learning opportunities that help them to better understand themselves within greater cultural and ecological milieus. In doing so, we hope that our students will become spirited ambassadors to their passion and citizenry. We focus on providing students the necessary skills to deeply engage with their world. We facilitate opportunities for students to reflect on their personal choices and to explore the relationships between society, economy, culture and the environment. Please explore the various program tabs for specific information on individual programs.

Where we work: While the programs attract students from around the world, our work is centered with Powell River School District on the beautiful Northern Sunshine Coast. We are uniquely situated on the edge of the Salish Sea in the heart of the unseeded traditional territory of the Tla’amin people - the ocean, lakes and mountains are our classroom. Our base-camp in Powell River is at the Outdoor Learning Center on Powell Lake. We also have strong partnerships with various organizations which allow us to offer field schools both provincially and internationally.


"The Outdoor & Ecological Learning Programs in School District 47 help to fill a huge void in modern society: the void between what’s taught in the classroom and the day-to-day miracles happening outside. I can think of no better way to close this gap than to get kids into wild areas where Nature does the teaching, affecting students in ways that stick with them
for the rest of their lives."
- Karsten Heuer, Explorer, Wildlife Biologist, Author

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